Photo used with permission from New World Magischola by Learn LARP LLC.

Exhibitions and Art Fairs
WordPlay 2018, Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Canada  - November 2018 [website]
"WordPlay is our free festival celebrating the most interesting uses of writing and words in contemporary games. Each year, there will be a curated showcase, talks by creators about the craft, and ways for the public to learn about making games."
Featured Work: Time to Feed
Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, February - August 2018 [website]
Organized by curator and artist Nayland Blake, this exhibition explored how the expanding influence of digital and online technologies, fandom subcultures, and artistic discourse created new possibilities for queer identification, changing how personal roles and forms of expressions are defined in contemporary society.
Featured Work: Feast
Second Sundays at Pioneer Works, September 2017 [website]
A showcase of participatory art, concerts and open studio exploring art, science, technology and education at Pioneer Works.
Featured Work: In Media Res
Game Night # 5: Language, October 2016 [website]
Part of a series of events presenting artist-made games for play in the NYC area.
Featured Work: Basic Principles of Incantation
Internet Yami-Ichi, September 2015 [website]
A free-to-attend art fair featuring works inspired by the internet. 
Featured Works: Various digital art pieces
ITP Thesis Show, May 2015 [thesis page]
A showcase of Masters thesis projects from the graduating class of 2015.
Featured Work: You Spirits That Tend on Mortal Thoughts
This Is My House of Green Grass: The Raw Retrieval of War, May 2015 [a review]
An exhibition of works based on data surrounding Civil War veterans, shown within the catacombs of Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
Featured Work: Chromatic Memory 
ITP Spring Showcase, May 2014 [website]
A showcase of select technology-related and interactive projects.
Featured Work: An Artistic Representation of Scientific Laws
The Bully Project Mural, permanent online showcase [website]
A tapestry of visual art themed on combating bullying, featuring various artists.
Featured Work:Words Can Kill
ITP Winter Showcase, December 2013 [website]
A showcase of select technology-related and interactive projects.
Featured Work: Unidentified
Come Out & Play Festival 2013 [website]
An outdoor festival of street and live-action games.
Featured Work: Leechwyves and Bonesetters
Theatrical Performances and Screenings
Diode Logic in 4:4, November 2018 
A n experimental work at the intersection of embodied games, live performance and dance, performed at the NEON art show in Brooklyn, NY. Participants took on the roles of futuristic hackers, rhythmically using their bodies to bypass security protocols and access the secret servers of a questionable corporation.
Featured Work: Diode Logic in 4:4
In the Arms of the Pack: Audience Edition, July 2017 [website]
A hybrid Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP) and interactive play which puts half the audience in the role of a pack of monsters and the other half in the director’s seat, letting them guide the narrative. Held at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY.
Featured Work: In the Arm of the Pack: Audience Edition
Headland's Gamble, October 2016 - February 2017 [website]
An immersive, interactive weekend, where guests simultaneously enjoy a vacation and a solve a mystery. My role is to engage with the guests in character over text throughout the weekend, and cue certain media triggers.
Game Play Festival, Summer 2015 & 2014 [article about an earlier run]
A play festival of theatrical works that are inspired by games, deals with games as subject matter, or infuse elements of games in their structure. Held at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY.
Featured Works: The Institute (2015), Treason (2014)
Baby No More Times, December 2015 [website]
An original, feminist, theatrical pop-music concert, held at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY.
Featured Works: What It's 4 Projections (NSFW)
The Marketplace, Spring 2015
An original immersive and interactive theatrical piece, created for the Tisch Graduate Student Organisation Interdepartmental Grant 2015, and was performed at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. 
Featured Work: The Marketplace
Ofrenda De Los Muertos: ITP Haunted House, October 2014
An immersive, interactive theatrical celebration of Halloween, organised by the Interactive Telecommunications Programme (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
Featured Work: Ofrenda De Los Muertos
Drawing on Everything, April 2014 [website]
A showcase of live performances that all incorporate live drawing. Curated and organised by Shantell Martin. Held at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY.
Featured Work: Transparency
Yonkers Film Festival, Summer 2014 [website]
An international film festival curated by award-winning film an television professionals.
Featured Work: Perspective
Awards, Grants & Fellowships
The Effing Foundation Grant, 2018 [grant website]
A grant to create a book of LARP and roleplaying games themed on human sexuality. 
Indie Groundbreaker Awards, 2018 [website]
Nominated for "Most Innovative" game and "Game of the Year"
Featured Work: Feast 
IndieCade Dark Horse Award, 2017 [website]
"Honoring newcomer and works which have separated themselves from the pack through original design and innovation."
Featured Work: Feast 
Games For Change-Playcrafting Scholarship, 2017 [website]
A $600 scholarship sponsored by the Bigglesworth Family Foundation and Games For Change, to attend a course on Game Writing at Playcrafting NYC.
ITP-Google Experiments in Storytelling Grant, 2015 [website]
"ITP is spearheading an effort to creatively research new forms of storytelling through a series of projects that experiment with emerging technology in service of storytelling. It is our vision that these projects be multi-disciplinary, utilize new technology, and be experimental."
Featured Work: The Institute 
Tisch Graduate Students Organisation Interdepartmental Grant, 2014 & 2013
"Graduate level student teams can apply for grants for an extracurricular, interdepartmental project resulting in a single production or event. Grants are awarded by the GSO with oversight from the Tisch Department of Student Affairs. Projects should culminate in Spring semester performances, exhibitions and/or screenings available to the Tisch community. Grants requests may range from $500 to $1,500."
Featured Works: The Marketplace (2015), Treason (2014)
1st Place, NCIIA BMEStart Biomedical Design Competition, 2013 [website]
"Since 2010, the BMEStart competition has recognized the finest in undergraduate biomedical engineering innovation. Strong BMEStart submissions define a problem to be solved and demonstrate the development of a device, product, or technology designed to solve it. Strong BMEStart submissions will demonstrate a mastery of analytical and design skills and capabilities; the ability to manage the product development process; the ability to work effectively in teams; and written technical communication skills."
Featured Work: Microbiota Isolation System for Fecal Transplantation
Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth Special Faculty Award for Engineering and Service to Society, 2013 [Thayer School Awards webpage]
"Awarded annually to recognize a student or a team of students in any degree program for exemplary achievement related to the application of engineering in service to society."
Featured Work: Microbiota Isolation System for Fecal Transplantation
Dartmouth General Fellowship, 2013 [website]
"To encourage and assist graduating seniors and recent graduates interested in graduate studies, Dartmouth College awards a number of scholarships each year.The General Fellowship may be used for graduate study or projects either in the U.S. or abroad."
James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar Research Assistantship, 2010 [website]
"The James O. Freedman Presidential Scholars Program was initiated in 1988 and provides opportunities for juniors to work as research assistants with Dartmouth faculty."
Research: Cellulose-to-energy conversion through metabolic engineering
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Fellowship, 2009 [website]
An academic merit-based grant awarded to sophomores at Dartmouth towards conducting bench research in the sciences.
Research: Design of a Multimodal Neural Imaging Device
Dartmouth First-Year Summer Research Fellowship, 2009 [discontinued]
A fellowship awarded to first-year Dartmouth students of academic merit to conduct research with a faculty member in any field. 
Research: Pottery Exchange in Mexico During the Formative Period
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Superfund Research Fellowship, 2009 [superfund research webpage & my project webpage]
"With support from ARRA funding, the SRP is able to fund summer research programs for high school and undergraduate students at nine universities."
Research: Toxic Trace-Metal Analysis
Teaching, Workshops and Lectures
Playing with Roles and Realities, International Center of Photography, New York, NY, MAY 2019 
A Guest lecture and interactive theatre design workshop for the New Media Narratives MFA programme.
Designing Asian Settings and Themes in Analog Games, PAX East, Boston, NY, MAR 2019 [event page]
A panel discussion on how Asian cultures can inspire games and game design.
What's Off Limit For Games, Breakout Con, Toronto, Canada, MAR 2019 
A panel discussion about how to portray sensitve issues in interactive art.
Creating Engaging Characters, Breakout Con, Toronto, Canada, MAR 2019 [recording]
A panel discussion about creating interesting and engaging characters in roleplaying games and LARPs.
Designing Asian Themes in Board and Roleplaying Games, Breakout Con, Toronto, Canada, MAR 2019 [recording]
A panel discussion about responsibly incorporating culuture and history in games that focus on Asian settings.
A Crash Course in Analog Game Design, Playcrafting, New York, NY, NOV 2018 [event page]
A workshop on the foundational theories and basic practical approaches to designing games.
A Not-So-New Medium, University of Toledo, OCT 2018
Guest lectures for the undergraduate course "New Media Methods and Practices", taught by artist Barry Whittaker
Games and Education, University of Toledo, OCT 2018
A public lecture and game demonstration discussing how games can be used for education.
Games in the Classroom, University of Toledo, OCT 2018
Guest lecture about using games in aschool setting,  for "Art Education: Student Teaching Seminar" taught by Dr. Jason Cox.
Art & Interactivity: A Call and Response, International Center of Photography, AUG-SEP 2018
A studio course on interactive art, culminating in players creating experiential art based on works at the Rubin Museum in Manhattan. Students engaged with critical scholarship about games and interactivity, and produced multiple projects throughout the course.
Roleplaying Romance Microtalk, Game Developers of Color Expo, JUL 2018 [webpage]
An 10-minute microtalk on how games can portray and comment on romance and sexuality, with a focus on queer relationships,  and how designers can effectively incorporate such themes into their games. Video available on Youtube.
Playing with Roles and Realities, Dartmouth College, JUN 2018 [webpage]
Guest lecture and game demo about roleplaying for the course "Game Design Studio", taught by Dr. Mary Flanagan. 
Living Games Conference, MAY 2018 (speaker page)
Closing keynote lecture on the various forms of embodied and interactive storytelling and play, and what they can teach designers of each medium. Panelist for "Horror and LARP", and "Larping While Queer"
Game Design and Procedural Narrative: Theory & Practice in Telling Stories Through Games,  University of Cincinnati, FEB 2018 (event page)
A lecture on storytelling in games, followed by a workshop where audience members were invited to play, discuss, and design story-based games. Sponsored by the UC Game Lab, the Office for Equity and Inclusion at UC, 
Guest Lectures for various courses, University of Cincinnati, FEB 2018
Guest lectures for Dr. Evan Torner and Dr. Kat Jones for the courses "Designing for Interactive Experiences Seminar", "Analog Game Design Seminar", and "Introduction to Game Design Seminar".
"Woke and Broke: Sell Games Not Your Soul", Babycastles, Manhattan, NY JAN 2018 [event page]
Panel Discussion on the economics of indie games.
Procedural Storytelling and Shared Narrative, Playcrafting NOV 2017 [event page]
A 2-hour theory and practicum session on how games can convey story through procedures and mechanics.
Roleplaying Romance, GaymerX 2017 [webpage]
An hour-long lecture on how videogames, tabletop games and roleplaying games portray and comment on romance and sexuality, and how imagined relationships can examine and affect real ones. 
MicroTalks, IndieCade 2017 [Schedule webpage]
A short lecture on the topic: "Beyond Fluff and Crunch: How Game Mechanics Can Increase Immersion Without Affecting Game States"
Game Design Lab, Museum of the Moving Image, Spring 2018, Summer 2017, Spring 2016 & 2017  [Teen Programs webpage]
Short lectures on game design, narrative in games, and a week-long Game Design Intensive on game design and development for teens.
Afterschool Game Design Course, at PS102Q, Apr-May 2017
A 10-session course on the fundamentals of analogue and digital game design for 5th to 8th graders, sponsored by Games for Change.
"New Media, New Form" course at Teachers College at Columbia University, Mar 2017 [website]
Guest lecture and discussion on "Material, Interaction & Critical Play".
Harrison High School, Mar 2017 [website]
Lecture on games as socio-cultural artifacts, and pursuing a career in games.
Boston FIG Talks, Jan 2017 [website]
Lecture in the "Game Design" track: "Beyond Fluff and Crunch: How Game Mechanics Can Increase Immersion Without Affecting Game States"
Tech Kids Unlimited, 2016-2017 [website]
Various one-day, week-long and semester long game design and development courses for special needs teens and middle-schoolers using Scratch, Ready and analog techniques.
The Chapin School, Fall 2016 [website]
Semester long after-school club for 4th graders about game design and development using Ready and Twine.
Games For Change Student Challenge, 2015-2016 [website]
Professional Game Design Mentor for students at the Hudson High school for Learning Technologies. 
ITP Camp at NYU-Tisch, Summer 22018, 017, 2016 & 2014 [website]
Two-hour workshops for adults on the fundamentals of game design.
Special Music School, Spring 2016 [Website]
A short workshop for teens on the fundamentals of game design.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Summer 2014 [Gallery Talks webpage]
Summer Gallery Talk: "Christianity: The Medieval, Multimedia Message".
Montclair Art Museum - Yard School of Art, Summer 2015 [website]
A two-week, summer course for teens on game design design using analog techniques, and game development using Stencyl.
Hanover High School, Spring 2010 [website]
Student-teaching one semester of High School Honors Chemistry.
The Rassias Foundation, Summer 2010 & 2012 [website]
Conversation and oral skills development in French language for a language immersion program for adults.
Dartmouth College, 2008-2013 [website]
Teaching Assistantships in the Departments of French Language and Literature, Film & Media Studies, and Engineering.
Other Professional Activities
SEAT Center Workforce Annual Event, January 2019, [event page]
Keynote Speech: "Unleashing the Medici Effect"
Breakout Con 2019, MAR 2019 [Announcement Page]
Industry Guest to the convention
2019 NYC Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, January 2019, [website]
Juror for the "Drawing and Illustrations" and ""Editorial Cartoons" categories
University of Toledo Bachelor of Fine Arts Student Art Critique, OCT 2018 
Guest Critic for the class of 2019 final art project.
Anti-Defamation League Charrette for Empathy/Inclusion Games, SEP 2018
Inivted participant to ideate on games to promote empathy and inclusion.
2018 Indiecade, Summer/Fall2018 [website]
Juror, selecting games for inclusion in the festival, and for IndieCade awards.
2018 Games for Change Awards, Spring/Summer 2018[website]
Juror, judging games on game design and social impact.
NYC Youth Creativity Summit, Brooklyn Museum, MAR 2018[website]
"Pop-up Storyeteller", speaking on creativity and innovation in the arts and sciences.
2017 Games for Change Student Challenge, [website]
Juror for the Student Challenge, judging games both on game design and on engagement with a theme related to social good.
Art as a Catalyst for Change at the Museum of the Moving Image March 2017, [website]
Curriculum designer for a week-long 5th grade course about gun violence and its effects, through the medium of games and game design.
2017 NYC Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, January 2017, [website]
Juror for the "Drawing and Illustrations" and ""Editorial Cartoons" categories. 
"Beat the Bomb" Escape Game, 2016 [website]
Game design consultant for the escape-room style game "Beat the Bomb".
Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Alumni/ae Association, 2015-2016 [website]
Member of the Board of Directors.
Press & Interviews
Interview with Business Officer Magazine: "How Diversirty Spurs Creativity" [Interview Page]
Interview with Team Fun [Video]
Gauntlet Con 2018, panel on horror in gaming [video]
Voices of VR Podcast, Episode 615: "LARPing: The Future of Live-Action Role Playing in Immersive Entertainment"  [webpage]
Playcrafting Student Spotlight [webpage]
Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Alumni Spotlight  [webpage]
The American Bazaar, "Indian American playwright, director makes audience part of his play 'The Institute'" [webpage]
Boardgames and Brew Podcast, Episode 19: "Bob Barker is Not Dead" [webpage]
The Nerd Nighters Episode 102: " DFWNN game design competition recap" [video]

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