This series of prints consisted of an artistic representation of mathematically, empirically or logically derived laws or principles in the natural and social sciences. Each law was interpreted in code (using the Processing language), resulting in a large set of designs for each. From these sets, the most visually appealing pieces were chosen and exhibited at the ITP Spring Showcase 2014.
Hardy-Weinberg Principle of Genetic Equilibrium: Allele and Genotype frequencies will remain constant in a population from generation to generation in the absence of evolution
Newton's Third Law of Motion: Every Action has a Reaction, equal to it in magnitude, and opposite to it in direction.
Dunbar's Number: The cognitive limit to the number of stable social relationships a human can maintain at one time is approximately 150.
Leibniz's Identity of Indiscernibles: If two objects have all their properties in common, then they are one and the same object.
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