This image is titled “Photograph 51”, taken by Rosalind Franklin in 1952. It is also the focus of the first article I ever published.
ESSAYS & Feature Articles
The Sublime Cow and The Maltese Cross (Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Sciences)
GAME Writing
Quest Writing for the browser game "Susurrus: Season of Tides" (Videogame, Evil Overlord Games)
Game & FILM Reviews
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall (ZAM)

Pyre (ZAM)
Tyranny (ZAM)
Various Mobile Game Reviews (Hardcore Droid)
The Pilgrimage (featured in HYPERLANES)
Time to Feed (Sub-Q)
Atomic Dating Game (
ZAM's Top Games of 2017 (Contribution to an extended listicle for ZAM)
Gaming's Strangest Player-Characters (Extended Listicle for ZAM)
Gaming at the Met: A New Approach to Engaging Museum Visitors (Blog Post for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Digital Underground Blog) 

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