This image is titled “Photograph 51”, taken by Rosalind Franklin in 1952. It is also the focus of the first article I ever published.
NeuNet (Lightspeed Magazine)
Real Magic (Lightspeed Magazine)
Waiting for Jonah (Nightmare Magazine)
'Sup Handsome (Baffling Magazine)
Writing You (Lightspeed Magazine)
Of Course You Screamed (Fantasy Magazine)
Assimilation (Baffling Magazine)
The Birds I Pull (Tales & Feathers Magazine)
The Scent of Viridian (featured in Sana Stories)
The Book of Chroma (Sub-Q)
The Pilgrimage (featured in HYPERLANES)
Time to Feed (Sub-Q)
Atomic Dating Game (
What is a Monster? (Strange Horizons)
I Kissed a Dragon (Fantasy Magazine)
146 (Story Seed Vault)
138 (Story Seed Vault)
ESSAYS & Feature Articles
Today We Are Alive (in Endgame Sequences)
This Essay on Names Has No Title (Sub-Q)
Dukes and Dumbledore: Truth and Canonicity in Stories (Sub-Q)
Neon Landscapes and Spell Pyramids: Visuals & Form in Interactive Fiction (Sub-Q)
Actions, Verbs, and Processes: Games & Being Human (Sub-Q)
Hounds & Heroes: Control, Closure, and Exploration in Games (Sub-Q)
Rituals, Cheating, and the Dream of Possibility (Sub-Q)
The Sublime Cow and The Maltese Cross (Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Sciences)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (Ready Set ZAM)
Avengers: Infinity War (Ready Set ZAM)
Black Panther (Ready Set ZAM)
Justice League (Ready Set ZAM)
Thor: Ragnarok (Ready Set ZAM)
Wonder Woman (Ready Set ZAM)
Pyre (Ready Set ZAM)
Tyranny (Ready Set ZAM)
Sword Coast Legends (Ready Set ZAM)
Various Mobile Game Reviews (Hardcore Droid)
ZAM's Top Games of 2017 (Contribution to an extended listicle for Ready Set ZAM)
Gaming's Strangest Player-Characters (Extended Listicle for Ready Set ZAM)
Gaming at the Met: A New Approach to Engaging Museum Visitors (Blog Post for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Digital Underground Blog) 
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