Ofrenda De Los Muertos

Ofrenda De Los Muertos was an immersive, interactive Haunted House experience held at the ITP programme at Tisch School of the Arts. The space was transformed into the Land of the Dead, where tortured souls lay trapped, unable to move on. Visitors were able to enter different spaces and experience various micro-narratives, receiving tokens from the dead that determined their fate when they faced Santa Muerte at the end of the experience. My team, including Tom Arthur and Rosalie Yu, created a macabre bar within the underworld, whose bartender (played by me) endlessly tried to recreate the poison that he used to kill his last lover. I also wrote and directed a scene where guests got to speak with a prisoner who reminded them disturbingly of a certain Lucifer Morningstar. Special thanks to Gabe Barcia-Colombo, Ben Gullard and the rest of the Haunted Houses class. Photos by Kristina Budelis

My performance as a murderous bartender, trapped in a Sisuphean loop of recreating the poison with which he killed his last lover. He queried visitors about their personal lives and encouraged themto to "test" his concoctions. 
Bottles of some of the bartender's more exotic ingredients.
The bartender's testing space, where he tried to determine the effects of different ingredients in order to recreate his last poison.
The effects of some of the bartender's ingredients.
Trying to determine whether or not a guest is alive, or merely one of the nameless dead.
The entrance to Lucifer's prison, a scene I directed and wrote.
Lucifer, played by Ben Gullard
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