The Marketplace was an immersive dance-theater piece that wove together elements of mythic stories, traditional ritualistic performance styles, and 19th century spiritualist practices to explore the human fear of the unknown, our conception of time, and our deep-seated desire to predict the future. Audience members could stand back and watch the actors, dancers and multimedia elements unfurl our narrative, or interact with the characters, set elements and custom-built interactive technology to gain a richer experience of the themes and stories.  
The Marketplace was the recipient of the Tisch Graduate Student Organisation Interdepartmental Grant 2015, and was performed at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. 
Created and performed by Nick Hubbard (Director), Sharang Biswas (Writer), Bridget Struthers (Choreographer), Kris Layng (Scenic Designer). 
Costumes by Adrienne Carlile. Lighting by Jenifer Hill. Sound Design by Monte Weber.
The Characters
The Scholar
The Mystic
The Psychic
The Psychic's Assistant
The Ghosts
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