Diode Logic in 4:4 — an experimental work at the intersection of embodied games, live performance, and dance — pushed us both as creators and participants to step outside of our comfort zones. In particular, we were eager to explore dance’s transportive power, its ability to cultivate intimacy between strangers, and its potential to transform participants into performers — generating a set of choreographic movements to be interpreted by spectators. 
Participant-players took on the roles of futuristic hackers, rhythmically using their bodies in response to specific sounds in order to bypass security protocols and access the secret servers of a questionable corporation.
The game was performed in November 2018, at the NEON show in Brooklyn, NY.
Created by Sharang Biswas and Nick O'Leary, in collaboration with Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn and Eric Mead
Directed by Nick O'Leary
Written by Sharang Biswas
Performed by Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn and Eric Mead
Music and Sound Design by Rebecca Drapkin
Mask Design by Connor M. O'Leary
Wireframe Masks by Gromfrog
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