Feast is a storytelling / role-playing game about power, identity and memory that's played during a communal meal and uses eating and tasting as game mechanics. It was inspired by was inspired by Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (Portrait Of Ross In L.A.).
You can download the game here
The initial version of the game was selected as a finalist for the 200 Word RPG Challenge. in 2017. That version of the game can be found here.
Kate Bullock, a judge for the 200 Word RPG Challenge, described the game as:
"By far one of the most powerful games I saw, Feast is having an intense conversation about appropriation, control and the erasure of culture by colonialism and invasion. Food as a mechanic points out the consumption by the powerful and the remnants of the powerless, and allows for a unique experience while playing. The game demonstrates clearly how powerful colonial cultures consume and appropriate other cultures and then spit it back out (by talking about it) with their own twists and views on it. The questions provide food for thought on being infected, and how many times conquered cultures begin to assimilate the culture of the conquerors."
Game by Sharang Biswas

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