Throughout the centuries, mad scientists have always encountered the same problem of very limited access to the dangerous resources they require. To solve this problem, the Mad Science Foundation was created. Now these "misunderstood geniuses" can finally get the access they need to the four vital building blocks of mad science-Lasers, Dark Matter, Cryptonium, and Sharks- and use them to create nefarious inventions in order to become the most infamous mad scientists the world has ever seen!
At heart, 'Mad Science Foundation' is a drafting game. You draft resources to craft wacky inventions and dispatch minions to help with your diabolical plans. However, 'Mad Science Foundation', uses an 'I-cut-you choose' mechanic, where one player divides available resources into piles for every player, but then is only allowed last pick of  the piles. Players will have to play tactically and predict their opponents'  moves in order to get the resources they need and pursue one of the many strategies to victory. You can watch a How To Play video by Watch it Played here.
Mad Science Foundation was the winner of the DFW Nerd Night Game Design Competition in 2015. It was published by Cryptozoic Entertainment in July 2016.
Designed by Sharang Biswas and Max Seidman
Art by Rob Momaerts
Published by Cryptozoic Entertainment
Special thanks to Nick Tyson, Elizabeth Zhang, Angela Zhang, JR Honeycutt and all of the judges of DFW Nerd Night design competition, for all their help and support. And a huge THANK YOU to all our playtesters, without whom the game would not be possible!
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