The Jade Serpent is the only Chinese restaurant in all of New York City that caters exclusively to the magical community. Located in Cayuga Plaza, a secret part of the city that only the magically gifted can enter via a hidden passage in Cortland Alley, the restaurant has been owned by your family for generations. Along with its family recipes for steamed buns, rice porridge and egg tarts, The Jade Serpent is also known as a place where witches of all ages and stripes gather to gossip over breakfast, relax after a long day of shopping, or celebrate special family occasions.
It’s the Fall of 1990, and normally, things would be pretty much the same. Back-to-school shopping attracts throngs of families and the restaurant is as busy as ever. Except this year, something is different. Something wicked stalks the magical community in New York, drawn particularly to the magical hotspots in Cayuga Plaza. Someone has allowed Jiangshi to proliferate, and few in the New York community know how to deal with these dark creatures from China. Your family includes some of those few and if you don’t do something about this, the Jiangshi could infect the eager young witches in Cayuga Plaza, and spread across the country!
'Who Says Witches Don't Like Chinese Food' is an adventure for Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall by Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim, a tabletop role-playing game about the drama of running a Chinese restaurant in America as an immigrant family, while also contending with Jiangshi or Chinese vampires. 
The adventure changes up the historical-America setting, in favour of a world inspired by the "magic school" genre of literature.
Illustration by Kwanchai Moriya, Steven Wu, 
Graphic Design by Matthias Bonnici
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