Hey Tolu

Ade is a young college student in the U.S. who seems to be living the dream life. His grades are fantastic, he has a girlfriend, and his friends love and support him. Yet despite his success, Ade is still haunted by the accident that paralyzed his brother Tolu back home in Nigeria. Can Ade vanquish his demons and learn to live his life? Written by Jonathan Sigworth (More Than Walking, 2009), who became a quadriplegic after a bike accident, 'Hey Tolu' tells a heartfelt story about putting ourselves back together after our world shatters. Costume Design by Sharang Biswas Directed by Alex Stockton Written by Jonathan Sigworth and Victor Lekweuwa

I costumed "Hey Tolu" for Stories Growing Films, a student filmmaking organisation at Dartmouth College. I tried using color to visually enhance relationships between the characters, and line and form to emphasize the protagonist's emotional state.
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