"Explore a world of fantastic beasts! As a member of the wizarding community, you'll explore the beautiful Eustis Estate Magical Creatures Preserve and receive lectures and instruction from some of the best witches and wizards of the day. This is an immersive adventure that will appeal to people who love Harry Potter, Escape Rooms, Fantastic Beasts, Tolkien, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and all magical worlds! Solve puzzles, perform spells and investigate the story. Part escape room, part art installation, this is an interactive theater piece in the tradition of Sleep No More from the team that brought you Club Drosselmeyer." 
Save the Munbax was an interactive, playable performance themed on magical ecology, performed at the Eustis Estate in Milton, MA in October 2018. 
Game designer Max Seidman and I designed a spellcasting module for the performance, where participants had to create spells in verse, based on rules of rhyme and rhythm, in order to trigger certain special effects and advance throught the narrative.
Save the Munbax was created by Lizzie Stark and Kellian Adams Pletcher. You can learn more about the project here.
Players learning spells under the guidance of an instructor.
A portion of the textbook.
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