Generations ago, your family was entrusted guardianship of something secret and dangerous. The origins of how this came about may be hazy, but ever since what’s now referred to as Rafi’s Pact, your family has been bound to protect this Ward. From that day on, members of your bloodline have displayed unusual gifts that help you fulfill your duty—as well as unsettling and debilitating curses…
Guardian Bound By Blood is a setting and adventure framework for the Curse of the House of Rookwood RPG by Michael Addison and Brian Binh. The setting casts the players as a family protecting a dangerous but valuable "Ward", and adventure hooks center around this Ward, its seductive power, and those who might try to steal it. 
Three Wards are included (as well as a system for creating one's own Wards): 
Lel’ikskiq-Rata: An immense, demonic, and immortal flower that feeds on pain, sadness, envy, and other dark emotions.
The Twain: The two mystical animals Usham, a jet-black hummingbird who will always truthfully (if somewhat cryptically) answer any question it is posed, and Milana, an albino toad, who will then immediately pronounce either a grave curse on a nearby individual or predict a terrible, local disaster which will inevitably come true.
Anirbusharpal, The Spear-At-The-End: A twisted, oversized antler covered in cuneiform carvings, that was entrusted to the family with instructions to hand it over to “The Chosen Saviour”, when “the Omens predict the Dusk of the World”.
Art by Morrighan Corbel
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