An Elegy from the Hive Witches is a short roleplaying game where three players take on the role of Hive Witches, overseeing the fate of a team of astronauts that venture into their lair.
Using mad-libs, random word-combinations, and torn shreds of paper, players describe the gruesome deaths of each astronaut until one remains, to be sanctified for the Void.
Where will the astronauts venture? How will the Hive claim their lives? Play to find out!
An Elegy from the Hive Witches was published in the "Void" Issue of CODEX magazine. You can find the issue on DriveThruRPG by navigating here.
In 2020, the game was nominated for the "Most Innovative Game" award at the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards.
Game Design & Writing by Sharang Biswas
Illustration by Chris Spence
Layout by Lu Quade
Playtesting by Nick Tyson, Mallory Hagmann, Mary Georgescu, Kate Connover, Hakan Seyalioglu, and Clio Davis.
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