The Wicked Choir’s howl shattered Heaven, hurling twisted shards across of the lands. 
You died.
Now, you are the “Fused”, undead creatures of brass and necrotic flesh.
What dangers have the warped shards that dot the landscape birthed? Can you overcome the corruption of your decaying bodies? Will you unearth terrible memories from your lives?
And will these memories of guilt, shame, and pain bind you further to the Choir, or will you earn forgiveness and break free from you masters during the Final Battle?
In Absolution in Brass: A Game of Guilty Steampunk Zombie-Cyborgs, 3-4 players take on the role of robotic undead conscripted by an evil power and forced to march towards the final battle against good and evil. Along the way, players tell stories about how their characters wronged each other in their past lives, and attempt to forgive one another. 
The game is a micro RPG of under 800 words, and published in The Ultimate Micro RPG Book, edited by James D'Amato and published by Simon & Schuster
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