"Which Greek Hero Are You?": Gaming at the Met

"Which Greek Hero Are You?" was an interactive, quiz-like experience created to engage young visitors at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Greek mythology. The aim was for children to relate to be able to relate to the rich characters and stories found in the Greek tradition, so that they may better appreciate the various works of art at the museum. Shown here are concept designs for a paper version of the quiz. Ultimately, "Which Greek Hero Are You?" will live online, on the museum's website. Produced by Masha Turchinsky, Senior Manager for Digital Learning & Sr Producer, Creative Production, Digital Media. Interaction design and content creation by Sharang Biswas, Solow Art and Architecture Intern in Digital Learning. Graphic design and illustration by Srushti Hebbar, Graphic Design Intern.in Digital Media.

For more information, please visit the Metropolitan Museum's blog post on Gaming at the Met.
Layout Design for the Quiz : Which Greek Hero Are You? (printed version). This Quiz is a precursor to the in-gallery/online game.
The results of the quiz, that were handed in the form of Bookmarks in order to add recall value and make the game more informative and interactive
Layout Design for the survey regarding the Quiz. The survey results will help in creating the final online version of game
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