A Tale of Two Gnomes
An adventure for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, published in Rolled & Told #9 by Lion Forge Comics. The adventure was based on a rough outline by Hadeel Al-Massari.
 A gnome inventor is trapped in his burrow, seemingly under attack from his arch-rival. Except that venturing into said burrow reveals some disturbing facts about his research...Can your party rescue him? Should your party rescue him? . 
The Head in the Cliffs
An adventure for the Numenera system by Monte Cook Games, published in Issue 9 of Cypher Caster Magazine. Features art by Ben Morgan.
Your band of travelers stumbles upon a village built vertically into a giant head carved into cliff face that leaks a strange green fluid. In the 9th World, one billion years in the future of the Earth, this might not in of itself be a strange thing, but is there more to these tranquil villagers than meets the eye? Do rumours of ghosts stalking the streets hold any water? And why do all the children seem to be sleepwalking every night?
The Infernal Collection
An adventure for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, published in Adventure Mixtape: A Music and Adventure Anthology. Features art by Mary Georgescu, and an original song, "Distrust" by Clio Davis.
When influential fashion designer Melissande is found dead days before The Draperies, the most prestigous awards in the fashion world, heroes are called in to solve the mystery, prevent any further destruction, deal with the drama surrounding the models, and help the distraught staff come up with a winning collection.
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