In Seven Days of Sacrifice, players take on the role of high priests of a prehistoric culture, completing a week-long ritual of blood sacrifice to appease their wrathful gods. Following certain omens (which the priests control, by manipulating a rotating turntable), the priests select a handful of potential offerings, and vote on which offering to sacrifice.
Religion is never a simple matter of course. When deciding which offering to vote as a sacrifice, priests must consider:
1) The particular type of sacrifice they consider to be auspicous, in order to gain favour from the gods
2) Their religious attunement, to gain bonus favour
3) The individual offerings plays have been assigned to protect, to prevent incurring favour penalties from the gods.
Additionally, the gods send frequent revelations that may influence the ritual in surprising ways.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the souls that were sent to the Place of the Ancestors are examined, favour is awarded accordingly to each priest, and the most favoured priest is declared the victor.

Each offering card features three types: a species (man or beast), an alignment (spirit or earth), and a colour (blood or ash). Each priest has a goal of sacrificing one of the six types.
A player shifting the omes by torating the turntable
Voting stones have been placed on the cards. It's time for a sacrifice!.
Created by:
Sharang Biswas, Melissa Parker, Sweta Mohapatra, Ethan Dunn and Cindy Juarez
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